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about safir company

Safir Company, relying on the indigenous knowledge of the country and utilizing specialists in the design and manufacture of aircraft, and under the support of major national institutions in the aviation industry such as the Aerospace Organization, has entered the urban drone usage domain. It has covered various areas such as firefighting, search and rescue, monitoring and surveillance, as well as healthcare and wellness.

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The latest products of the company under the title of Kamand firefighter drones have been released in several versions. This product has reached the production stage for the first time in the country in order to make a fundamental change in solving the problems of fire extinguishing in big cities.

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The ever-increasing population growth of megacities and the consequent increase in the number of high-rise buildings and the need to take preventive and timely measures at the moment of fire in buildings have increased the need for an updated firefighting fleet.

Among the factors that have led fire extinguishing to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with various optical and electromechanical sensors, the following can be listed:

Limitations caused by urban designs in the use of fire ladders in different areas
The dimensions and location of urban structures such as buildings, electric poles and cables, advertising boards, etc.
Dimensions and location of streets, intersections and alleys
The exorbitant cost of buying ladders in the required number
Risk of life and the possibility of irreparable damage to specialized human resources during operations

Significant improvement of accuracy, safety and operational power by using cameras and sensors


Also, with the progress of refinery and petrochemical industries in the country, the upgrading of industrial fire extinguishing technology is inevitable. The use of real-time monitoring of the environment with the help of a drone makes it possible to control a spot fire and prevent its spread much more effectively than the traditional method.